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Audio / Video

Collaborative Projects



Help in Cucumbers, JOAN publishing, June 2023
The Ambivalents, New York: Cabinet Books, 2017
The Virtues of Things,
Henry Moore Institute: Essays on Sculpture series, no.75, 2016
, London: Eros Press, October 2016
Mark Wallinger
, London: Tate Publications, 2014
The Body in Contemporary Art, London: Thames & Hudson, 2009
Implicasphere, co-edited with Cathy Haynes, 2003-8
Henry Moore, London: Franklin Watts, 2003

Libretti / Spoken Word & Music
Where They Gather, spoken word and music album, with musician Kit Downes, August 2022
She Described It to Death
, with composer Matt Rogers, Royal Opera, July 2020
And London Burned
, with composer Matt Rogers, Inner Temple Music Foundation, 2016
The Virtues of Things, with composer Matt Rogers, Royal Opera, Opera North, Aldeburgh Music, 2015
Song for Insomniac Riggers, with composer Christopher McCormack, Voiceworks, Wigmore Hall, 2015
Concurrent, with composer Matt Rogers, Tête-a-Tête Opera Festival, Riverside Studios, 2013

Short Fiction and Hyrbrid Forms
'The Distempering Process Explained', for Tom Woolner and Sebastian Thomas, 'A Tally of Distempered Parts' at ASC Gallery, London, 2023
'A Pigeon on the Window', for Dead Cat Bounce publication, by Gary Zhexi Zhang & Waste Paper Opera, 2022
'How It Is That Such Is So (Amiable Version)', Sid Motion Gallery, 2022
'The Mess', Open Pen, issue 29, 2022
'The Seam and the Drop', Mercurius, 2021
'A Departmental Report on the Place that Laura Fitzgerald Made', Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, 2021
'The Sops', Mycelium, 2021
'The Devil's Chord or a Tap on the Shoulder?: Recomposing the soundscape of the intensive care unit', Cabinet, 2020
'What Precisely do You Mean by ... "I'm On a Train"?', Slug, 2019
'I Feel it is my Duty to Speak Out', Cabinet, 2017
'Dear Sirs', Various Small Fires, 2017
‘The Deputation’, Lost Envoy: The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare, London: Strange Attractor, 2016
'Now More Concentrated', Artenol, New York, Winter 2015
‘On Why Soup is So Bad for Diurnal Rhythms’, Cabinet, 2012
'Manicular Therapy', Contemporary Art Society centenary publication, London, 2011
‘The Thinkery’, Picpus, No.3, London, 2010
'The Buzz', Inside Outside, No.2, Birmingham, 2010
‘Ruminations on a Platform’, leaflet distributed by Art on the Underground, London, 2007

Where They Gather, with Kit Downes, plus Héloise Werner and Max Baillie, June 2022
Even at Home We are Never Alone
, with musicians Kit Downes, Ruth Goller, Tom Challenger, Grand Junction, London, March 2021
Pageant of the Kept
& The Ends, Llawn, Llandudno, 2019
I Hear Horses
, with James M'Kay, Whitstable Biennale, June 2018
Night-Sea Shore (after John Barth)
and In the End You Will Always Love Me, with Kit Downes, Royal College of Art, London, May 2018
The Doubting Colloquy, Whitechapel Gallery, Nov 2017
Live Illuminated Manuscript 3: Four Legs Good
, with musician Chris Vatalaro, Modern Art Oxford, Nov 2016
The Ends
, with musician Corentin Chassard, 'School of Death', Pompidou Centre, Paris, Oct 2016
The Annual Retrieval
, Blackrock + Matt's Gallery Artists Residency, Lydney Park Estate, Glos., 2016
Live Illuminated Manuscript 2: The Dinner,
with musician Kit Downes, Modern Art Oxford, Aug 2016
Live Illuminated Manuscript 1: Police Control, with musician Emma Smith, Modern Art Oxford, Feb 2016
Infernal Gallop, with the Dolly Mixtures, Literary Kitchen Festival, London, 2015
Blushing as involuntary self-publication: an experiment in one-sidedness, ‘Cabinet presents...’ at Copeland Book Market, London, 2015
Manual Flasher, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2014; Camden Arts Centre, London, 2013; Z33, Hasselt, 2012
Portunalia, in collaboration with Lisa Skuret, Peer, 2014
Catachresis in Pieces, ‘We Are The Time’, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, 2012
Play in the Dark II, FIAC, Paris, 2011
The Last of the Red Wine, Whitechapel Gallery and ICA, London, with Doug Fishbone, Chris Head, Hayley Newman, Kim Noble, Michelle Owoo, Caroline Smith, Phil Whelans, Bedwyr Williams, 2010-11
The Living Newspaper, a Brown Mountain College production, Wysing Arts Centre, 2010
Seats of Learning, a Brown Mountain production, Milton Keynes Gallery 2010
Play in the Dark, Living Clay programme, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 2009
Brown Mountain Festival, Slade Research Centre, London, 2008
Rehearsal of a Cross-Dressing Stepfather, with director Zoë Pepper, Limoncello Gallery, London, 2008
Those That Can, interdisciplinary cabaret, a Brown Mountain production, ICA, London, 2008
Cabaret of Curiosities, a Brown Mountain production, Royal Academy Schools Life Room, London, 2008
Of Cabbages, performance, Elevator, London 2008
Madame Arkwright’s Salons, artist in residence, Camden Arts Centre, London, 2006
The Mermaid, with Hayley Newman, performance at Cabaret Melancholique, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, 2005

'Three Scoop Complicator', Mattflix, Matt's Gallery, London, 2021
‘Writer in Residence’, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2012
‘Last of the Red Wine: The Prequel/Sequel’, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2011-12
‘The Devil’s Acre’, collaboration with Will Cooper, Government Art Collection, 2011
'Magic Show', co-curated with Jonathan Allen, Hayward Gallery Touring Programme: Quad, Derby; Grundy, Blackpool; Pump House Gallery, London; 2009-10
'Smoke', co-curated with Cathy Haynes, Pump House Gallery, London, 2008

Group Exhibitions
'Swirl of Words / Swirl of Worlds', Peer, London, 2021
David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation Award, Annely Juda Gallery, London, 2019
'So he pulled the right levers and you did the asking', an exhibition by Brian Griffiths, Artlink, Hull, 2017
'The Museum of Modern Comedy in Art (MoMCo) – A Proposal', Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2017
'Now it is Permitted', Swedenborg Society, London, 2016
Blackrock + Matt's Gallery Artists' Residency, Lydney Park Estate, Glos., 2016
‘Drivetime Underground’, Resonance FM, 2016
'Nothing Happens, Twice', Harris Museum, Preston, 2016
Sequences VII, Reykjavic, 2015
'Ways of Working, According to an Office Desk', Upominki, Rotterdam, 2014
‘Film in Space’, part of Lucy Reynolds’ Anthology, Camden Arts Centre, London, 2012
‘All The Knives’, Z33, Hasselt, 2012
‘Folk Variations’, University Arts Loughborough, 2011
‘An action, event or other thing that occurs or happens’, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, 2011
‘Fig. 2’, David Roberts Art Foundations, London, 2011
Kent Cultural Baton, Whitstable Biennale, 2011
‘Narrative Show’, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2011
The Pigeon Wing Miniplex Cinema, Deptford X, London, 2010

'Post-Truth Screening', Visibility Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, 2017
‘Film Night’, Hackney Picture House, 2016
'Dysfunctional Comedy', Weld, Stockholm, 2014
‘The Tread and the Rise', Baró Galeria, Sao Paolo, 2013
Live Weekend, ICA, 2011
Journal of Visual Culture at David Roberts Foundation, 2010

Online Projects
The Open Arms, (2020-)
Hair Shirts
, collaboration with Jacob Dahlgren,, 2014

Publications (contributing writer)
Dysfunctional Comedy, Lívia Páldi, Olav Westphalen (eds.), London: Sternberg, 2016
The Holy Triangle, with Andro Semeiko and Zinovy Zinik, London: Peer, 2013
Rick Buckley, The Nose, Berlin, 2011
Project Issues 1
, Dublin: Project Arts Centre, 2008
Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art, London: Black Dog, 2008
Our Comic Book
, ed. Mel Brimfield, Frankfurt: Revolver, 2007
Game Scenes, ed. Matteo Bittani, Domenico Quaranta, Milan: Johan & Levi Editore, 2006
8 artists try not to talk about art, interview with Jennet Thomas, London: Trajectory, 2006

Residencies and Awards
Shortlisted, David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation Award, 2019
Longlisted, Republic of Consciousness Prize, 2017
Writer in Residence, Modern Art Oxford, 2016
Paddy and Joan Leigh-Fermor Arts Fund Award, 2013
Writer in Residence, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2010-11

Editor at Large, Cabinet magazine, 2019-ongoing
Editor, Talking Pages, RNIB volunteers' newsletter, 2010-2018
Visiting Lecturer, Royal College of Art, London, 2009-ongoing
Member of The Dolly Mixtures, music and movement troop, 2007-ongoing
Tutor, MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, 2006-9
Advisory board, Women’s Art Library/MAKE 2006-11
Curatorial advisor, Open Frequency, 2006
Trivia Editor, Contemporary magazine, 2003-5
Co-director, Transit Space 2001-3
Editor, London Art website 1998-2000

Peer Reviewing and External Examining
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, 2020
Intellect books, 2019
Parse journal, 2018
Fine Art BA, Westminster University, 2011-2015
Routledge, 2017

Art Criticism
Another Magazine, London
Art Land, Copenhagen
Art Monthly, London
Art & Music, London
Artists Newsletter, Newcastle
Art Review, London
Cabinet, New York
Centro De Arte, Milan
Contemporary, London
Corridor 8
Frieze, London
FT Magazine, London
Guardian, London/Manchester
Iann, Seoul
Internationaler, Sheffield/Birmingham
Kluger Hans, Brussels
Modern Painters, London/New York
RA Magazine, London
Spike, Vienna
Tate etc., London
Time Out, London

Catalogue Texts
Lucy Williams, Berggruen Gallery at ADAA The Art Show, New York City, 2022
Nina Canell, Berlinischer Gallery, Berlin, 2022
Simon English: My Big Self Decoy Justin Beiber?, London: Black Dog, 2017
Sophie Jung, Kunstraum, London, 2017
Olav Westphalen, Stockholm, 2017
Bedwyr Williams, Curve Gallery, Barbican, London, 2016
Manifesta, Zürich, 2016
Anne Hardy, Common Guild, Glasgow, 2015
Melanie Manchot, Twelve, UK touring exhibition comissioned by Portraits of Recovery, 2015
Lucy Williams, McKee Gallery, New York, 2014
Mette Winklemann, Kunstmuseet Brundlund Slot, Demark, 2013
Boo Ritson, Oklahoma City Arts Centre, 2012
Maximum Exposure Commissions, Somerset Art Works, 2012
Laura Eldret, The Gallery, Arts University College Bournemouth, 2012
Four Commissions, Siobhan Davies Dance, 2011
Emma Hart, Matt’s Gallery, London, 2011
Christian Jankowski, Pump House Gallery, London, 2010
Mark Wallinger, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 2010
Rude Britannia, Tate Britain, London, 2010
Simon Bill, Patrick Painter Gallery, Los Angeles, 2009
Miguel Palma, Bes Arte & Finança, Lisbon, 2009
Jordan Baseman, Artsway, 2009
Miguel Palma, Bloomberg, London, 2009
Ellie Harrison, Plymouth University, 2009
Audience & Avatar, University of South Florida, 2008
William Hunt, Witte de With, Netherlands, 2008
Lustwarande, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2008
Goshka Macuga, Center of Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland, 2008
Tatton Park Biennial, 2008
Jacob Dahlgren, Stockholm, 2008
Ruth Claxton, Ikon, Birmingham, 2008
Simon Pope, Chapter Gallery, Cardiff, 2008
Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich, 2008
Collage, Black Dog, 2008
Vitamin Ph, Phaidon, 2007
Toby Ziegler, Patrick Painter, Los Angeles, 2007
Heather & Ivan Morison, BloombergSPACE, London, 2007
Fifteenth Anniversary, Hales Gallery, London, 2007
Linda Quinlan, Douglas Hyde Gallery, 2007
Leo, Leeds City Art Gallery, 2007
Alchemy, Manchester Museum, 2007
The Irresistible Force, Tate Modern, 2007
Jochem Hendricks, Haunch of Venison, 2007
Jesse Ash, Joe Devlin, International 3, Manchester, 2007
Jennet Thomas, Peer, London, 2007
Flaviá Muller Madeiros , Colony Gallery, Birmingham, 2007
Brian Griffiths, Platform for Art, London, 2007
Hen Weekend, Bexhill on Sea, 2007
Goshka Maçuga, A Foundation, Liverpool 2007
Vineta Kaulaça, Riga 2007
Mari Sunna, Finland & Denmark 2006
Dave Austen, Milton Keynes Gallery 2006
Gary Stephens, Matt’s Gallery, London 2006
Harrison & Wood, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo 2006
Katie Holton, Gran Bazaar, New York 2006
Jo Coupe, firstsite, Colchester 2006
Hearing Voices Seeing Things, Serpentine Gallery, London 2006
Charlie White, Los Angeles/New York 2006
In the Face of History, Barbican, London 2006
RCA Printmaking, London 2006
Layla Curtis, Locus+, Newcastle 2006
Matthew Collings & Emma Biggs, Fine Art Society, London 2006
Goldsmiths Visual Arts MA, London 2006
Richard Forster, Jerwood Platform, London 2006
Hilma af Klint, Camden Arts Centre, London 2006
Anne Bean, Matt’s Gallery, London 2006
Paul Doran, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin 2006
Love Cannon, Zoë Walker, Les Arques 2006
Vitamin Ph, Phaidon 2006
World Gone Mad, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury 2006
You’ll Never Know, Hayward Gallery Touring Exhibition 2005
Frieze Art Fair, London 2005
Zoo Art Fair, London 2005
Italo Zuffi, Milan 2005
Adam & Eve It, London Printworks Trust, London 2005
Synthetic Reality, Bury St Edmunds 2005
Beacon, Lincolnshire 2005
Goldsmiths Visual Arts MA, London 2005
IDEA, St Martin’s Curating MA, London 2005
Helen Frik, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague 2005
Simon Faithfull, Finnish Photography Festival 2005
Mark Fairnington, Frankfurt 2005
Phyllida Barlow, BALTIC, Newcastle 2005
Jane Bustin, Eagle Gallery, London 2004
Expander, Royal Academy, London 2004
Rose Finn-Kelcey, London 2004
Layla Curtis, Rhodes & Mann, London 2004
Matthew Tickle, Matt’s Gallery, London 2004
Janice McNab, East, Norwich 2004
Alexis Rockman, Camden Arts Centre, London 2004
New British Painting: Part II, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton 2004
Lars Arrhenius, Santiago de Compostela 2004
Scenery, Venice 2003
Elizabeth Price, Jerwood Artists Platform, London 2003
Mikey Cuddihy, Peer, London 2003
Tommy Stockel, Los Angeles 2003
Ergin Cavusoglu, Turkish Pavilion, Venice 2003
Christopher Landoni, East, Norwich 2003
Marion Coutts, Film & Video Umbrella, London 2003
Caroline McCarthy, Gasworks, London 2003
Julie Henry, Film & Video Umbrella, London 2003
Katie Pratt, Houldsworth, London 2002
Alan Currall, Jerwood Artists Platform, London 2002
Simon Faithfull, Art Sway 2002
Brian Griffiths, Beck’s Futures ICA, London 2001

Lectures, seminars, symposia and talks
'Creative Resistance', Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL, 2017
'Artful Resistance', HOME, Manchester, 2017
Common Guild, Glasgow, 2015
On Jennet Thomas's Unspeakable Freedom Device, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, 2015
On Jordan Baseman's July the Twelfth 1984, Matt's Gallery at The Hospital, 2015
Bad Vibes Club, London 2015
Guildhall School of Music, 2015
On Susannah Davies-Crook's Star Chamber, Res, London, 2015
On Isabel Nolan, IMMA, Dublin, 2014
Dispersed Writing, The Drawing Room, 2014
National Galleries of Scotland, 2013
Sandberg Series, Goethe Institute, Amsterdam, 2013
The Contemporary Body, ICA, London, 2013
War Against the Sun, Matter of Contradiction at Mute, Limehouse Town Hall, London, 2013
The Discursive Object, Royal Academy Schools Forum, 2012
Hayward Gallery, London
Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
Wysing Art Centre, Cambridgeshire
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Royal College of Art, London
Chelsea College of Art
NCAD, Dublin
London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London
ArtSway, Sway, Hampshire
Art Monthly Road Show, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
Chisenhale Gallery, London
Drawing Room, London
Why The Hell Are We So Damn Cowardly Here, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Fresh Festival, Bracknell
A Foundation, Liverpool
Perfect Performance Festival, Moderne Museet, Stockholm
Resonance FM at Frieze Art Fair, London
Gary Stephens’ workshop, Artsadmin, London
Beacon 06 panel discussion, Boston, Lincolnshire
Bethlehem Peace Centre, Palestine
BAS06 Location symposium, Nottingham Trent University
Beck’s Futures, ICA, London
Dance South East, Brighton
Spectator T, Sheffield
Fiction in Contemporary Art study day, Tate Britain, London
Pilot, London
Goldsmiths College
London Printworks Trust, London
Serpentine Gallery, London
Gasworks, London
Studio Voltaire, London
Chisenhale Gallery, London
ICA, London

VL/VT Teaching
AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design, Enschede, Netherlands
MA Fine Art and MA Ceramics, University of Bath
Summer Intensive, Slade School of Art
Fine Art, HDK, Zurich
Fine Art, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
MA Fine Art, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
MA Curating, Goldsmiths
MA Communication Design, St Martins
MA Fine Art, Middlesex
MA Fine Art, Royal College of Art
MA Animation, Royal College of Art
BA Fine Art, Bristol
MA Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam
BA Fine Art, Ruskin
BA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University
MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths
BA Fine Art, High Wycombe
BA & MA Fine Art, Newcastle University
MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martin’s
BA Fine Art, De Montford University
BA New Media, Chelsea
MA Textiles, Goldsmiths
MA Critical Theory, City University
BA & MA Fine Art, Camberwell College of Art
BA & MA Fine Art, Slade School of Art, UCL
MA Fine Art, Brighton University
MA Fine Art, Loughborough University