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Collaborative Projects



Recent Writing

'The Sops', 2020
Short fiction, published in Mycelia, issue 4

'The Devil's Chord or a Tap on the Shoulder?:
Recomposing the soundscape of the intensive care unit'

Published in Cabinet, 2020

Selected Short Fiction

'What Precisely do You Mean by ... "I'm On a Train"?'
Published in Slug, 2019

'I Feel It Is My Duty To Speak Out'
Published in Cabinet, New York, 2017/18

'Dear Sirs'
Published in Various Small Fires, 2017

Published in Cabinet, No.58, New York, 2016

'Now More Concentrated'
Published in Artenol, No.3, New York, Winter 2015.

Cultural Attaché’s Address to the University on the 23rd Glorious National Day of Poundland, 2014

Hair Shirts, 2014
A week-long project, based on Jacob Dahlgren's T-shirt collection and the news du jour.

'Bin Trialogue', 2013
Made in collaboration with Andro Semeiko, published in The Holy Triangle, with Andro Semeiko and Zinovy Zinik; commissioned by Peer, London.

'On Why Soup is So Bad for the Diurnal Rhythms'
Published in Cabinet, No.44, New York, 2011/12.

Published in Cabinet, No.34, New York, 2009.

Ruminations on a Platform, 2007

Written in response to Brian Griffiths's Life's a Laugh, installation at Gloucester Road tube state, commissioned by Platform for Art, London; distributed on London Underground.

Selected Libretti and Scripts

The Virtues of Things
, 2015
Opera libretto, performed at the Royal Opera House, London, Aldeburgh Music, Snape, and Opera North, Leeds.

Muster, 2012
Written in response to Muster, a video by Laura Eldret.

Selected Writing on Art

One Hudrend Ways to Cook an Egg
For Manifesta catalogue, 2016

The Craftswoman, 2013

Catalogue essay for Mette Winkelmann exhibition at Kunstmuseet Brundlund Slot, Denmark.

Text for Emma Hart's TO DO at Matt's Gallery, London, 2012.

How to Relate
, 2012
Short text on the practice of artist Jem Noble.

Mark Wallinger, 2010

Catalogue essay for 'Mark Wallinger' at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.

Bawdy Beautiful, for 'Rude Britannia', Tate Britain, 2010.

An Essay That May Be Skipped By Anyone Not Particularly Impressed By Thinking As An Occupation,
Simon Bill, Patrick Painter Gallery, Los Angeles, 2009.

Gary Stevens, Matt's Gallery, London, 2007