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Audio / Video

Collaborative Projects



Selected Short Fiction

'The Distempering Process Explained', for Tom Woolner and Sebastian Thomas, 'A Tally of Distempered Parts' at ASC Gallery, London, 2023

'A Pigeon on the Window', for Dead Cat Bounce publication, by Gary Zhexi Zhang & Waste Paper Opera, 2022

'How It Is That Such Is So (Amiable Version)', 2022, for Brian Griffiths and Frank Kent's 'Frank Dot & Brian Oval' at Sid Motion Gallery

The Seam and the Drop, 2021
Published in Mercurius magazine

What Precisely do You Mean by ... "I'm On a Train"?, 2019
Published in Slug

I Feel It Is My Duty To Speak Out, 2017
Published in Cabinet, New York,

Dear Sirs, 2017
Published in Various Small Fires

Thing, 2016
Published in Cabinet, No.58, New York

Selected Libretti and Scripts

The Virtues of Things
, 2015
Opera libretto, performed at the Royal Opera House, London, Aldeburgh Music, Snape, and Opera North, Leeds.

Selected non-fiction and hybrid stuff

Heirlooms, 2022
for Lucy Williams catalogue, Berggruen Gallery at ADAA The Art Show, New York City, 2022

A Departmental Report on the Place that Laura Fitzgerald Made
for Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, 2021

The Devil's Chord or a Tap on the Shoulder?: Recomposing the soundscape of the intensive care unit
Published in Cabinet, 2020

One Hudrend Ways to Cook an Egg
For Manifesta catalogue, 2016