A pub is only ever as good as its patrons. Without its regulars, one-off visitors and dedicated pilgrims The Open Arms would be empty, silent digital architecture. Thank you to all who have written, spoken, played, sung, scrawled, drawn, found, sought and photographed the pub into being.

  Jonathan Allen is an artist and writer currently climbing the walls at The Open Arms and making the most of it.
  Sean Ashton is a writer and the Duty Manager of Lost Property at The Open Arms. Publications include Living in a Land (Ma Bibliotèq) and his forthcoming collection Sampler, an excerpt from an imaginary encyclopaedia written entirely by poets.
  Sally Battley runs a lost property shop in Haynes Lane Market, Crystal Palace, London.
  Roxy Beaujolais is co-owner and landlady of The Seven Stars public house in Carey Street, behind the Royal Courts of Justice, London.
  Anat Ben-David evolves and morphs into different entities, depending on mood, who or whatever happens to be around, the changing of the seasons… Making the most of a compositional situation, she produces songs, videos and multimedia opera-art.
  Peter Blegvad is an illustrator, writer, songwriter. His comic book The Book of Leviathan is published by Sort Of Books in the U.K. He has made several records; Gonwards, a collaboration with Andy Partridge, and Go Figure with Chris Cutler, John Greaves, Karen Mantler and Bob Drake, are among the more recent.
  Karen David is an artist, curator, lecturer and collector of stories that often get jumbled in her memory and mistranslated. Currently completing a PhD at the University of Worcester, in her spare time Karen runs Cork Lined Rooms, an adaptation of the Proust Questionnaire featuring artists in their studios.
  Sharon Kivland is an artist, writer, editor and publisher (under the imprint MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE). She has been called a poet, to her surprise. Her work considers what is put at stake by art, politics and psychoanalysis. She works on the natural form, while continuing to edit for publication the letters sent to her by the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan over the years of their love affair.
  Klara Kofen is a writer, researcher, performance-maker and the artistic director of Waste Paper Opera. At The Open Arms she is responsible for adding Mixed Peruvian Nuts to the snacks section.
  Toby Litt was born in 1968 and grew up in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. He is the author of eleven novels and four short story collections. His most recent book is Patience (Galley Beggar Press). Toby teaches creative writing at Birkbeck, University of London. When he’s not writing, he likes to read, swim, play guitar and do nothing. He blogs at www.tobylitt.com.
  Neil Luck is a composer who tries to make music feel like close-up magic tricks you might try to impress your friends with. He is also a member of the ensemble Arco.
  Roger Malbert is a writer, draughtsman and would-be curator. Formerly Head of Hayward Gallery Touring, he is currently writing a second book about drawing.
  Sally O'Reilly is a writer and the barmaid-manager-architect of The Open Arms.
  Matt Rogers is a composer and enthusiast.
  Lauren Silver is an actor, jolly-anxious clown and theatremaker. She is the founder of PlayWell and trains people to be more playful and creative in their work and life.
  Nathan Silver is co-owner of The Seven Stars public house, and is married to Roxy Beaujolais. His paternal grandfather of the same name ran a speakeasy in New York’s Broome Street during prohibition. He claims that his Semi-Shitfaced contributions are largely true.
  Rosie Spencer is a writer and editor, with a focus on art, architecture, design and fiction. She is currently based in Brighton, and has recently completed a novella, Ceta, about birth, death and a blue whale.

Stickies is a cat. He is an underrecognized breed known as a Gowanus Tuxedo. Born in a parking lot in industrial Brooklyn, he now resides in Berlin. The humans who feed, house and pet him are Nina Katchadourian and Sina Najafi. In March 2020, Stickies established a pedagogical institute for children entitled Stickies Art School, where he currently serves as director and chief critic.

  Milly Thompson is an artist momentarily without studio, currently writing a series of vignettes that stand in for paintings. Each is a scene, which, like a painting, is contained by its edges. Like a painting, each written passage preserves its relationship to others.
  Lucas Wellington sometimes draws little pictures in boxes. Some of them he thinks are funny.
  Zinovy Zinik is a Moscow-born trans-English author of a dozen novels, collections of short stories, numerous broadcasts and essays such as "Emigration as a Literary Device". He has been living in England since 1976. His works have been translated into a number of European languages.